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We Gotta Hold a Bake Sale to Benefit the Hessian Army... [Sep. 25th, 2008|09:36 pm]
...because I fully expect to see these babies to be up on eBay by the end of the week.  I can see the ads now...

"Two companies worth of reasonably modern heavy armor.  Spare parts included.  New in box. (Reserve has not been met)"

Pool some funds, ladies and gentlemen: let's put together a bid.  The Hessian state will need some reasonable means of defense, and that is the better part of the tank complement for an armored battalion (and totally jacked by pirates: lulz and kill, global commerce, lulz and kill).  I mean, it wouldn't slow down the US military that long, but it should be more than sufficient to keep our stereos safe from marauding Negros on D+3 of the Race War.  Besides, "has tanks" is an unspoken - but fundamental - criteria of autonomous nation-state status.

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